Someone should create an RPG and call it Trumpolitics & Trumptianity

I think I *may* understand the appeal of Trump for the average American, Christian or not: He claims to be somewhat of a political conservative, while at the same time, *morally*, the facts about his life and beliefs seem to indicate that he is anything but the so-called fringe known as "strictly Evangelical." In the parlance of classic RPG alignment, Trump is "Chaotic neutral."

For those of you who know what that means, let that sink in for a moment. Yeah.

Meanwhile, polls have shown for years that the Church, as a whole, is also NOT "strictly Evangelical." The bell-shaped curve is still alive and well, and the majority of the Church fits neatly into the giant bell in the middle. Interpret that in whatever way makes you happiest. Leaders who do fall along those thin lines to the right of the bell are generally viewed as "too good for their own good" and out of touch with how "real people" live day to day. Today's culture--the Church included--rallies around leaders who unashamedly embrace their own "flaws and humanity" and are viewed as "real" and "authentic." Let's face it: we want leaders who are at least as messed up as we ourselves are, only "successful" regardless of any supposed moral failures. Leaders like that put us at ease, and allow us a chance to dream of success that doesn't really require that we change ourselves in any significant and especially difficult ways. Trump certainly meets that criteria--at least the Trump brand does. Trump, as far as I can tell, is a PERFECT statement about the current state of the Church in America. I suppose how you interpret that depends on your own "alignment."

I get it, really. Everyone has different values. And by casting your vote for Trump, you are--in essence--saying that you value Trump's style and occasional campaign promises as more critical than moral leadership on any number of fronts, including: 
  • abortion 
  • greed 
  • sexual immorality 
  • and even the treatment of others 
I get it, really. Everyone has different priorities in life? Heather Fox, a field director for the Trump campaign, recently showed where Trump and his followers’ priorities lie:

“Look at immigration, look at terrorism, look at the things that really matter. If we don't have a country, it's not going to matter about the Bible or the Constitution because we are going to be dead and gone."

Things that really matter. Not the Bible or the Constitution. In the end, those things don’t really matter to Trump or his followers. They only matter if everything else in the world is right.

Those of us who oppose Trump and his “chaotic neutral” manner happen to have priorities that are the complete opposite. “Strictly Evangelicals” happen to believe the Bible matters regardless of what is happening in this world. And some of us happen to hold the Constitution in high enough regard that we also believe it matters regardless of what is happening culturally.

Listen, if you plan to vote for Trump, far be it from me to try and persuade you otherwise. Exercise your citizen right and cast your vote! All I'm asking is that you be honest -- "real" and "authentic" -- enough to admit that you consider Trump's lack of moral leadership to be far less important than some other issue(s). I will caution you, though: you can be absolutely certain that, should Trump take the White House, there will come a time when you will be immensely and irreparably "challenged" by his lack of moral leadership. In that day, I'll do my best to keep from saying, "I tried to warn you, but you wouldn’t listen."
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