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The Loft

Eight months after accepting a position as the new youth pastor at a central Florida congregation, Philip contacted me about the possibility of doing a logo redesign. The existing logo was clip art.

After a standard interview with the youth pastor, my analysis was that the best image for the context would meet three distinct criteria:
  1. Most of the students were country music fans, so it needed to have a "new country" look and feel.
  2. They literally meet in a loft area. Combined with the idea of lifting up Christ, the logo would ideally have a visual element that was elevated, as if in a loft.
  3. The colors should pay homage to the two rival high schools in the area.
Nailed it. Students love the new logo.


Here’s my “simple” solution for America’s raging marriage debate.

It isn’t unique, I know, but I think it would solve some of the major problems surrounding this issue. So, bear with me as you read. You may be surprised by my proposal.

As a matter of principle, the people need to rise up once and for all and kindly request that the US government remove itself from the marriage business, forever-after. My opinion, which is drawn from my understanding of the Bible, is that marriage was created by God in the book of Genesis. Don’t even try to argue with me about that point, because I will not listen to you under any circumstance. Because that is my belief, I vehemently disagree with any government on earth assuming it has the right or authority to define or redefine marriage. In fact, I don’t see how, Biblically, any government even has the right to oversee the institution of marriage.

In some ways, (if I understand correctly … very hard to verify), we have Luther, Calvin, and then the English Puritans to thank for the mess we are in concerning the marriage debate in America. On marriage, Luther is often quoted as having said marriage is “a worldly thing ... that belongs to the realm of government.” Hence our problem. Luther, if you can hear me, please disregard any nasty things I may be saying about you under my breath. Suffice it say, you were dead wrong. Dead wrong. Marriage belongs to the realm of religion.

Instead, I propose that the US government at all levels will forever be in charge of granting Civil Unions. Yep. CUs. All previous marriage licenses will be grandfathered in as CU Licenses. Civil Unions will show no respect to race, sex, religion or any such factor but shall only regard proper laws such as legal age as with other things like the consumption of alcohol, joining the military, etc. CUs can only be granted by approved officers of the law (just as in driver’s license, passports, etc).

The very word marriage will need to be deleted from government language and replaced with "Civil Union." As far as the government is concerned, terms such as husband, wife, and spouse will all be replaced with "civil partner."

Marriage will then become the sole domain of religion, as it was in Genesis. Each religious institution will be responsible and accountable to their own beliefs regarding marriage.

Think about, folks. This is a win-win for everyone. It allows the government to say "Marriage is a religious issue, an issue of 'the Church,' and none of our business, therefore we will get out of your business." Those who oppose same-sex unions win -- the government will no longer grant marriage licenses to anyone, and the issue will leave the political arena. It also allows the homosexual and heterosexual community to be afforded the exact same rights and privileges under the law, making the government no respecter of persons. Those who support same-sex unions also win, as the idea of government-endorsed marriages will also be taken from heterosexuals and they will now be granted the same exact status as homosexuals: civil unions as legal and binding contracts issued by the government.

Of course, homosexuals who also want to pursue a church-endorsed marriage will always be able to find a liberal congregation that is willing to do such a thing. Those who are looking for a “traditional,” Genesis-based marriage covenant will be able to find conservative congregations who only deal in that realm.

Problem solved. No more political discourse on the subject, ever again.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts. However, if you just want to flame me, I will ignore you. I may even delete you. I have that power. I run a benevolent dictatorship here.