Facebook's Customer Satisfaction Survey

Logged into Facebook a few minutes ago and was asked to take a quick survey. At the end, the survey asked for additional feedback. Here's what I wrote:
I am constantly frustrated by Facebook's filtering of my newsfeed (Edgerank). I am only friends with people whom I want to hear from. No algorithm will ever be smart enough to truly understand human relationships and human motivation. PLEASE, let ME decide whether or not I find my friends' posts useful and STOP filtering my newsfeed. I realize I may be an exception to the rule, but at least make it possible for those like me to truly see ALL if we want to see all. That's the ONE element of my FB experience that needs real improvement. Otherwise, thanks for a great product...
What do you think? Do you have the same frustration with Facebook? If so, would you be willing to make te same "complaint" if asked? Who knows, if enough of us ask for it, maybe FB will roll out a tweak that finally allows users more control over our newsfeeds.

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