The Medi(s)care Zone

Every so often, a project comes along that allows you the freedom to be truly creative. That was the case with this project I developed for a large long-term care organization back in February 2010.

The Clinical division had a proprietary process that they had developed over the years to ensure that Medicare claims were properly documented and filed. The trouble was that the turnover in healthcare is so high, keeping everyone on the same page concerning that critical process was almost impossible. I was asked to build an eLearning course that associates could access any time which would help continually educate the ever-changing workforce. In a brainstorming session, I came up with the idea of doing a spoof of the Twilight Zone. The client loved it! I immediately developed a cursory plot and some story-board graphics for how the plot would teach the basics already determined by the client. Working with an award-winning media team, a script was written and we were off to the races. I developed all of the graphics, the user interface, portions of the script designed for voice-over work, and everything that goes along with the educational content and flow of the course itself. As you can see, I wanted a working, vintage TV set, which was no small feat using Lectora and a heavily restricted distribution network.

Tens of thousands of employees nationwide have viewed the training and it continues to receive rave reviews even today. More importantly, the patented process is now being followed more closely than ever, resulting in a significant ROI for the client.
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