To this weekend's (quarter million?) new @HP Touchpad owners, I'd like to extend a warm and sincere welcome to the #WebOS community.

For those like myself who have been WebOS users since day one (June 2009!), it is an experience like no other (trials and tribulations notwithstanding). Hopefully, over the course of the coming weeks, you'll come to understand why we are so passionate about this platform. HP's loss is your gain. And with the strength of our new numbers, we should be able to convince developers to continue working to bring new (as well as porting pre-existing) apps to the catalog.

As a newcomer, you no doubt have many questions. I highly recommend you bookmark the following sites as they are the community experts on all things WebOS. I've listed the web address and the Twitter handle for you:

@webOSroundup -- http://www.webosroundup.com/

@precentral -- http://www.precentral.net/

Again, welcome to the community. Long live WebOS!
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