Marijuana Decision Prompts Slogan Revision


According to AP writer Devlin Barrett, the new medical marijuana policy issued by the Obama administration means that federal prosecutors "will not seek to arrest medical marijuana users and suppliers as long as they conform to state laws."

By an unexpected but logical turn of events, POA representatives (Potheads of America) have successfully lobbied to have the following state slogans amended to reflect the new laws.



Alaska Beyond Your Dreams, Within Your Reach Beyond Your Clip,
Within Your Roach
California Find Yourself Here Find Your Buzz Here
Colorado Rocky Mountain High (No change was required. Mountain silhouettes now shaped more like Cannabis leaf)
Hawaii The Islands of Aloha The Islands of the Maui Wauie
Maine Worth A Visit,
Worth A Lifetime
Worth A Visit,
Worth A Dime Bag
Maryland Seize the Day Off Toke the Day Off
Michigan Getting The Upper Hand Getting The Munchies
Montana Big Sky Country Big Joint Country
Nevada Wide Open Weed Open
New Mexico Land of Enchantment Land of Stoners
Oregon We Love Dreamers We Love Reefer
Rhode Island Unwind Unwind with a Joint
Vermont Vermont, Naturally Stoned, Naturally
Washington SayWA! SayWASTED!

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