MIT Labs Debuts "Sixth Sense" Technology

Imagine, for just a moment, how this kind of technology would forever change the world in which we live:

For example, let's use healthcare since it's saturating the news these days. This tech would create a healthcare setting in which caregivers always had instant access to all the pertinent information about every medical situation imaginable.

As a friend of mine so eloquently stated, this is either "way cool and/or the end of civilization as we know it."

I'll let you decide which is more accurate. :-)
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  1. Neat... except for the knowing a person kinda thing. That's creepy.

  2. weeeeird! I'm not so sure I like this...
    So I'm guessing this means that every person on the planet would have to be online though or in some sort of database to be able to "read" people...
    by the way I think this will cost A LOT more than a cellphone...