UFC 100

Mir vs Lesnar, GSP vs Alves, and Henderson vs Bisping: How do you call it?

Mir vs Lesnar: Personally, I hope Mir makes Lesnar look like the amateur he really is. As a matter of fact, I'd love to see Lesnar lose three straight and be forced to either start over or move on altogether. The ONLY thing Lesnar has is his size/strength. If Mir can manage that, Lesnar is toast. Maybe I'm being too hard on Lesnar. But if he had actually earned his right to fight by working his way up through the ranks, I'd be OK. Instead, he had it put in his lap because a bunch of WWE fans want to see him fight. I'm cheering for anyone and everyone to knock him back down to the minor leagues where he belongs.

GSP vs Alves: Alves is a tough kid, and his been pretty impressive in his last two fights. But I think the only way he can beat GSP is by brute strength. GSP is smarter, faster and has way too many tools. As long as GSP avoids Alves' power, it's gonna be a long night for the newcomer. Which, in my opinion, is a good thing. I think I good whooping by a superior opponent could help Alves get that champion heart and attitude that he seems to be missing.

Henderson vs Bisping: As for the TUF-match, Bisping is a good fighter, but I have not seen him demonstrate the same skill level and mental toughness that Henderson has. Honestly, I was pretty disappointed in Bisping's attitude throughout this season of TUF. He doesn't seem to have grown any in the mental category, and I think that will hurt him against guys like Dan Henderson. I see Hendo getting him down and pounding him out in the third.

Mir, GSP and Hendo, FTW.

Who are your picks and why?

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