Watch out, Brutus!

Think About ItGod’s Word gives life and strength to those who hear it!

Read About It—Matthew 4:1-11

As a kid, I used to love watching Popeye cartoons! Hey, don’t laugh! I’m being honest, here. You know, baring my soul, and all that jazz. You probably have some pretty funny “kid memories” yourself, so back off.

Anyway, I used to come home from school everyday and watch Popeye! Man, he was really groovy. I always wondered how his forearms got so big. And then there were all the rest of the characters. Olive Oil (I guess that’s how you spell it), now that was one slim girl. Why is it that, even though she seemed to have a thing with Popeye, she always had a few dates with Brutus every so often? Of course, to double-O’s credit, some of those dates were kind of a one-way deal. That Brutus was one mean bully. He didn’t take “No” very well: Upset him a little when he got rejected. Then he would start on this “I’m wounded and mad at world and everyone is gonna pay” kick. Popeye was almost always the target of this repressed anger. So, for the next five minutes or so, Popeye would wind up getting his clock cleaned by Brutus. But the time would finally come when Popeye was fed up with being pulvarized and out would come the can of spinach. One squeeze from those powerful forearms and the spinach can would burst open, sending a large blob of spinach sailing into Popeye’s mouth. A little chewing, a large swallow and Popeye was instantly transformed into the world’s strongest man! Yeah, baby! Watch out Brutus! I remember thinking that eating spinach would also make me instantly strong. I’d hold my nose and scarf it down, then run off and test my newly acquired strength! Never quite worked for me the way that it did for Popeye.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this same kind of thing in the Bible! Jesus gets worn down by hunger, heat and loneliness for 40 days. Then Brutus the devil comes along and tries to beat up on Him with temptation. But Jesus had a secret that the devil didn’t know about! Forget spinach and dinner rolls, Jesus had the Word! Yeah, baby! Watch out devil, cause the Word of God gives the child of God new life and supernatural strength!

Okay, go back and read Matthew 4:1-11 one more time.

Now for the REAL stretch—Disciples of Christ…

Know God—In what way did God reveal Himself to you as you read His Word?

Live for God—What one lifestyle change is God calling you to make?

Love Others—In what way is God calling you to minister to someone in need?

Bear Fruit—In what ways will you set the example and the standard for others to follow?

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