Over Exposed!

Think About ItGod’s Word must be heard and obeyed!

Read About It—James 1:19-25

Okay, time for a show of hands. (Not that it really matters, since I can’t see you.) Have you ever had one of those dreams where you forgot something really important? Let me refresh you’re memory:

“Terry (a good unisex name), time to get up! Hurry or you’ll miss the bus!” That was Mom, you’re living alarm clock with an automatic snooze built-in. You tumble out of bed and grope your way to the shower. The constant burst of water from Hades followed by arctic run-off wakes you up quickly. As you move through you’re morning routine of foraging for clothes that at least smell clean, you finally settle down for a bowl of cereal. You’re younger sibling looks at you like you are either an idiot or an alien from Mars, but you shrug it off as standard sibling rivalry. You were a little concerned when Dad raised his eyebrow at you, but again, you shrug it off.

As you step onto the big yellow cab, you’re riding mates snicker. You’re starting to wonder if maybe today was April Fool’s Day or some other excuse-to-be-obnoxious day and you were the only one who forgot. You’re best friend just smiles and says, “You are so weird,” then turns and looks out the window. Finally, the PTS (prison transport system) arrives at it’s final destination and you make you’re way to you’re first class (you are, of course, the last to arrive). You are greeted by gasps, bewildered looks and outbursts of laughter. The classroom just happens to have a full length mirror on the back of the door (for reasons unknown) and you take a peek. The horror is immediate—you forgot your pants! You awake to a cold sweat!

How do we manage to get through an entire dream without realizing such a blunder (until it is too late, of course)? I don’t know. But being “exposed” like that is a terrifying experience, even in a dream! Maybe that’s why it is so hard for us to commit to a regular reading of the Bible, God’s word. It exposes the very thoughts and intents of our hearts, stripping us down to what’s really inside. We realize how imperfect we are underneath and it is frightening! But, that is one risk that you and I must learn to take every day! The promises that follow are well worth the risk of exposure!

Okay, go back and read James 1:19-25 one more time.

Now for the REAL stretch—Disciples of Christ…

Know God—In what way did God reveal Himself to you as you read His Word?

Live for God—What one lifestyle change is God calling you to make?

Love Others—In what way is God calling you to minister to someone in need?

Bear Fruit—In what ways will you set the example and the standard for others to follow?

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