Mmmm, Tastey!

Think About ItGod’s word tastes great!

Read About It—Psalm 19:7-11

Hold on to your cookies, this is not going to be pretty.

I like to watch “learning” shows. They have some of the wildest programs anywhere. For example, one time I saw this documentary about a small group of eccentrics that were looking for an interesting meal. They traveled to some far-off restaurant out in the middle of nowhere. Nothing but wild animals for company and scenery. This group (two men and two women, if I remember correctly) sat down at the table to be waited on. The pre-dinner snacks were interesting, but they were nothing compared to the main course. The table had a small hole in the center of it. The waiter brought out the main course and strapped it into the hole. One of the guests took a small mallet and gave the dinner a whack. A knife carved open the top and the guests cautiously dug in. What were they eating? Well, if you must know, it was fresh monkey brains. (I tried to warn you.) It was pretty disgusting. Mind you, this is true. Where do you think Indiana Jones got the idea from?

Another time I saw a documentary narrated by an entymologist (a guy who studies bugs). The show was about the different bugs that people all around the world consider delicacies. First they ate bowls of larvae soup—yum, yum. Lots of protein. Then they were fed a nice big salad, with dried bugs as the croutons. Crunch, crunch. You don’t want to know about the main course. This guy said that Americans are some of the only people in the world that don’t eat bugs! (Then he added that we do eat bugs, we just don’t realize it because they get blended so well with the foods we do eat!) Hey, John the Baptist ate locusts! Talking about leaving a bad taste in your mouth! Na-esty! Thank you very much, but I will stick to things that actually taste good. Is it any wonder that the Word is said to be “sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb”? Who can resist such an awesome flavor? Certainly better than the disgusting lies the world is serving up!

Okay, go back and read Psalm 19:7-11 one more time.

Now for the REAL stretch—Disciples of Christ…

Know God—In what way did God reveal Himself to you as you read His Word?

Live for God—What one lifestyle change is God calling you to make?

Love Others—In what way is God calling you to minister to someone in need?

Bear Fruit—In what ways will you set the example and the standard for others to follow?

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