Political Bowl XLIV

Tomorrow's the "big day," the one that the whole world is calling "historic." Democrats are camping out in the snow and Republicans are all hoping for a "successful presidency." Everywhere I turn, O-mania is in the air. Meanwhile, I feel like a fish out of water. Here's why...

I am a sports fan. In pro football, I love the Pittsburgh Steelers and have since the 70's. I"m really hoping that they will be the first team in history to earn SIX Superbowl rings. At the same time, I have nothing but respect for Kurt Warner and the Cardinals. Rooted for them against the Eagles. But here's the bottom line: Once that ball is kicked off to begin the four periods of play known as Superbowl 43, I am not interested in seeing the Cardinals do anything except get beat down by the Steelers. I'd love to see the Steelers achieve total domination in every aspect of the game.

Sorry Kurt. It's not personal. It's football.

The same is true in politics.

Some time tomorrow, this country kicks off four quarters of Political Bowl 44. It's the Republicans (who are looking totally outclassed right now) against the number-one seed Democrats. Sure, the Dems have a Rookie QB (as in this is the first time he's ever even played the game), but he has achieved Rock Star status because of his great press conferences and his permanent tan. The fans worship the ground he walks on. Even fans of the opposing team are seemingly behind him. The latest polls say that 89% of Americans say, “I want him to succeed…”

That absolutely baffles me. My response: "Really? In what way? You want him to succeed in raising taxes? Nationalizing healthcare? Increasing the size and control of government? Expanding gay rights? Seriously..." That's perfectly understandable if you are a liberal or Democrat. Otherwise...it's just insane. I do NOT want him to succeed in ANY of those things. As a matter of fact, I cannot think of a single issue on the Democratic platform that I support wholeheartedly, and those are the only things that will be measurable in terms of his "success."

For Obama and the libs to "succeed" in any way means that the true conservatives in this country have to lose. There is rarely ever a "win-win" in politics, just like there is no win-win in football. For me to say "I really hope Warner and the Cards have great success in the Superbowl" is to hope for the Steelers to fail. Only one side can succeed on the issues that really matter. Beliefs are too deeply ingrained for a compromise. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

I know the odds are stacked against us, but I am not interested in seeing Obama and the Democrats do anything except get beat down by Conservatives over the next four periods of political play. I'd love to see the Conservatives achieve total domination in every aspect of the game.

Sorry Obama. It's not personal. It's politics.

On the other hand, if Obama wants to begin intentionally turning the ball over or even switch sides mid-stream, I'll become his biggest fan. But it ain't about Obama, it's about conservative principles. Quarterbacks--rock star or not--come and go, but the team lives on. And I, for one, have never been a fair-weather fan. I am not conservative because of some celebrity politician. I am conservative because it is who I am in the core of my being. There are some changes I refuse to believe in.

By the way, I'll be skipping tomorrow's pre-game spectacle. It's completely irrelevant and a monumental waste of money. Let's just get on with the game.
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