Do something new every three years?

Check out this blog post by Chris Anderson (author of the Long Tail) entitled "Do something new every three years." Definitely food for thought...

In my comments to Chris, I confessed that it had not occurred to me that 10,000 hours squeezed out of a 40+ hour work week would certainly shorten the time frame. Talk about a brain freeze!

Anyway. I also mentioned that over the years, I have noticed that--almost without fail--it took a minimum of three years for pastors to establish the necessary relationships and contextual expertise to have any real impact at a given post. It is also worth noting that Christ Himself spent approximately 3 years in public ministry before He "moved on" and left it in the hands of His disciples.

This is certainly food for thought (though I am reticent to draw any hard conclusions).

So, would you tend to agree or disagree with the 10,000 hours theory? What has your own experience been? Would love some feedback...
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