Behold, the Power of Cheese

Well, after 15 years of marriage and 4 kids, Phyllis and I are finally at a place in our lives where we are actually able to have regular weekly date nights. For us, that night is Sunday. We drop all 4 kids off at Awanas (just a half mile from the house) and then it's two hours of "us time." This typically means dinner and shopping/browsing. And even though we are now living in a small town, we are trying to mix it up each week.

This week we ate at a New York style pizzeria called Divinos on the extreme north end of town where all the new stuff is going up. We've heard good things about the food and there's a connection between the owner of the pizzeria and a couple other biz partners we've connected to in town. I had a sausage and spinach roll (sort of like a calzone). Quite yummy.

After dinner, Phyllis and I decided to take a walk next door to Season's Harvest, a new "frou-frou" grocery store in the same plaza. The store is gorgeous, carries a really unique variety of products and has a very friendly and helpful staff. Oh, and there's this huge variety of global cheeses. Yeah, I know. I am easily amused. Anyway, I've never met a cheese I didn't like, so I was pleasantly surprised when the employee offered to let me sample ANY of the cheeses! Here's what I tried:

Blueberry Fayre
Take some creamy White Stilton (straight from Long Clawson Dairy in England), throw in some whole blueberries and you have a cheese that basically tastes like a blue-cheese cheesecake. Amazing.

Tine Ekte Gjetost
This Scandanavian goat cheese has a sweet, caramel flavor that you have to taste to believe.

The cheese was wonderful (if you are a cheese lover). But we would NEVER had known or even really noticed had the Season's Harvest employee not been willing to do whatever it took to make sure we had a pleasant and memorable experience in the store. Reminds me of the mantra that Scott McKain has drilled into my brain through his book (All Business is Show Business) and blog: If you want customers to become loyal fans, create Ultimate Customer Experiences for them.

Season's Harvest gave us a UCE. We were so impressed that we've decided it might actually be very cool to have one of those fancy wine and cheese affairs--sans the least for us (maybe we could drink some exotic juices instead). And when we get ready to throw our shin-dig, we will be paying a visit to the friendly, knowledgable folks at Season's Harvest. Besides, they've already offered to put together a variety tray of any cheese we want...even if they have to make special orders from around the globe!
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  1. Until now in my life, Cheese=Yellow American Singles. Who knew that there were *so many* different kinds? I may just become a cheese snob.

    I'm glad you still want to date me after 15 years of marriage. =)