Fluevog Rocks

When it comes to design, nobody does it better than Fluevog.

What's that? You've never heard of Fluevog? Well, well. Let me be the first to introduce you.

It was 1989. I was living in Yakima Washington with my good friend James Allen and he and I made a day trip to Seattle. The city is awesome. I fell in love: the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, the "melting pot" of cultures...it was truly an experience. And then James, who shares my inordinate love for cool clothes and shoes, took me to Fluevogs. It blew my mind. In this store were the wildest shoes I had ever seen in my life. I've been a fan since that day. Right now I'm drooling over a few pair of shoes available on the Fluevog web site. But it gets better.

Fluevog has this thing called Open Source Footwear (see the image below).

This is an fantastic idea. Since I am a huge fan of Fluevog and a designer, I decided to give it a go. That's right, I designed a shoe for Fluevog. If it gets enough votes, they'll make the shoe!

So, if you get a chance, go to the OpenSource section of fluevog.com and vote on my design.
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