Eric Wilbanks' Totally 80s Birthday Bash

Holy 80s flashback, Batman, it's almost here!

Hopefully, you've started working on your 80s outfit and making overnight arrangements if necessary. If not, this email may help.

Click here for a detailed map of local hotels and contact info:,-84.871337&spn=0.011104,0.023518&z=16&msid=114060269261063643231.000446d926e9e06a42dad

The map includes our house, Walmart (essential knowledge for any town), hotels, Panera, Starbucks and, of course, the Boys & Girls Club where the party is happening. Feel free to call if you have any questions.

As for 80s outfits, try these links for ideas:

Also, if you can be sure to RSVP if you will need childcare so that I can finalize all the proper arrangements. I need to know how many children you will have and what their ages are (Cuz we obviously don't want to put older children in any of the small child cages. That would be in-humane). Seriously, please let me know ASAP! Your kids will be well-cared for!

Oh, and don't forget: Bring as many people as you want! The more the merrier...

I want to personally thank each of you in advance for helping make my 40-10th birthday party the most awesome party of my life! I am truly excited about spending the evening with you all as we wax nostalgic together!
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