Waiting for Your Cat to Bark

If you haven't yet read "Waiting for Your Cat to Bark," my only question is Why Not?! Check out this snippet:
One basic difference between cats and dogs is motivation. Centuries
of cat and dog humor captures the stereotypes: A dog wants to please you;
a cat couldn’t care less. Dogs are devoted and loving and selfless. Cats are
aloof, indifferent, and self-indulgent. Dogs are social and act in ways that
maintain and support the social order. Cats are solitary and act in ways
that benefit themselves...A cat is not out to please you; she’s in it for herself.
She is not, and never will be, a dog.

The chapter concludes with this: 'Understanding the “What’s in it for me?” focus in our customers’ behavior patterns is central to success.'

Whether you're in retail, service or something else, this book will help you become more effective at reaching your target audience, no matter how finicky they may be!
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