Good Design

I'm amazed at the number of artistically talented people that I run across these days. It seems that there is a resurgence of interest in and dedication to art unlike we've seen in centuries. That's a good thing. However, I've also noticed something else: Not all talented artists are good designers. So I started wondering why people who are much more talented than I am were producing designs that simply didn't work for their clients. Then it hit me. Being a good designer requires a lot more than talent. Specifically, it requires good listening skills, something with which artists aren't always blessed. We tend to be creative visionaries who would rather work freely and uninhibited than to be troubled by the "non-artistic" input of our clients.

The true mark of a good designer is that he or she is able to give the client exactly what is wanted...only better. I suppose that means I need to depend less on my haughty eyes and more on my humble ears.
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