Hangups about Branding

I read an article today by Dannielle Blumenthal (writing for AllAboutBranding.com) that has some nice little thought nuggets for religious organizations. Here's my favorite quote:

"Your brand is how you are perceived by others - what people think you've said. Unfortunately, though, you do not control what other people think. The only way to manage your brand is to approach it the opposite way: think about what you mean to say, and try to convey that in word, image, and deed. All other things being equal, if you are consistent about it, the resulting perception will align with what you intended to communicate" (Full Article Here, emphasis added).

I cannot stress enough how important consistency is in presenting yourself to the world. People don't mind being surprised as long as the surprise is contained within recognizable parameters. And whether you are just starting the process or you've been at it a while, one of your greatest assets would be to appoint someone as your "brand police." Give this person the authority to say, "Hey, great idea! Now, how do we do it so that it fits our image?"

Remember, everything you do--web, print, multimedia, furnishings, programs--it all communicates something. You have to be willing to take the time and figure out what is being communicated before you make the investment (unless you have plenty of money and brand equity to waste).
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  1. Thank you for the kind feedback. Glad you found the blog useful. - Dannielle Blumenthal